The Trainer's Inside Edge

What You Need to Know About Training Workshops

Written in a conversational coaching style, this book provides tips, tools, strategies and how to’s for novice and seasoned trainers to plan, prepare, deliver and follow up on training workshops. Numerous checklists, templates and resources provide trainers, educators and learning specialists with a wealth of knowledge and practical ideas. Memorable workshops will result which successfully transfer learning and increase performance.

"In this highly readable and clearly written book, you have in your hands a veritable compendium of the many and varied tasks of any presenter. Coupled with a diligent review of relevant research in our profession, Helen Dyrkacz brings you dozens of pragmatic and practical tools you can use immediately. Just do it!"

Edward E. Scannell, CMP, CSP
Co-Author of McGraw-Hill's Games Trainers Play Series


Table of Contents



What's My Story?

Chapter 1 – Context
Chapter 2 – How adults learn
Chapter 3 – The Trainer


Chapter 4 – Behind the Scenes
Chapter 5 – Others Who May Assist You


Chapter 6 – The Trainer’s Inside Edge
   Preparation (Prep) System


Chapter 7 – Lights, Camera, Action
Chapter 8 - Fun & Games Trainers Play
Chapter 9 – The Participants
Chapter 10 – It’s a Wrap - Closing

Follow Up

Chapter 11 – Evaluations and Follow Up
Chapter 12 – Tips & Tricks


Includes checklists, forms, resources and everything else you need to give you the Trainer’s Inside Edge.


About Helen
Helen Dyrkacz is a Talent Development Catalyst whose expertise is increased productivity.  She is a former Public Service Manager who made a major career shift from working with numbers as a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and Certified Management Accountant (CMA) to working with people.

Helen is a trainer and facilitator as well as an award-winning professional speaker.  She has designed and delivered personal and professional programs for thousands of managers, leaders and staff in various occupations since 2002.  She is an expert in communication, management and personal effectiveness.