Testimonials From Our Clients

What Clients of Leadership & Beyond Are Saying:

"This session was great, I enjoyed everything!  It will help me to lead better and facilitate positive relationships between Departments.  It will help me to avoid ambiguity and I will be able to communicate more clearly and concisely."  Manitoba Tourism & Education Council - Art of Cummunication - August 2023

"Excellent!  Helen is extremely knowledgeable and experienced.  I enjoyed the discussions and liked the way she presented the material and situations.  The group activities were fun and enjoyable."  Province of Manitoba - Supervisory Leadership in Times of Change - March 2020

"Helen is an excellent instructor who provides a respectful style of teaching.  She is extremely knowledge, provides a variety of relevant examples and facilitates fabulous group discussions."  Province of Manitoba - Essentials of Supervision (Developing Self Management Skills) - November 2018

“Helen is a gifted and natural speaker.  Her wealth of experience comes to the fore and her teaching skills are excellent.  There is no dull moment with her.  Helen is well spoken, engaging and has an excellent ability to deliver content.  She has an excellent knowledge of the material and is very good at communicating it in an understandable level.  She used small group activities, videos, open discussions and various other techniques to convey the ideas in an interesting and memorable way.”  Province of Manitoba – Essentials of Supervision (Performance Management) – January 2018

"Helen's training and development workshop provided participants with a solid foundation for not only understanding the value of training but also how to recognize and work with different learning styles and prepare a presentation plan.  Helen graciously shared several tools that participants could use at home and these were very highly valued."  (Barb Bowes, Host, Legacy Bowes Group, Aboriginal HR Skillbuilder Conference) - April 2016

"Helen is beyond awesome!!  She is very well presented, very knowledgeable and professional.  The pace was perfect and there was a good blend in material, videos and activities.  Helen is truly awesome and interesting.  She made the workshop entertaining and fun."  Province of Manitoba (Essentials of Supervision) - May 2015

"Helen has a very effective way of teaching communications.  The material has vast, practical applications in personal and office environments.  She is true, full of life and an inspiration to all."  University of Winnipeg - May to June 2013

"Helen is creative, a perfect facilitator and public speaker, as well as my favorite teacher. She is a very good communicator, great listener, and superb instructor." University of Winnipeg - September to October 2012

"Helen entertained, educated and motivated the group to think about leadership in a new way!"  Women Business Owners of Manitoba - November 2010

"It was awesome!  Helen is a great speaker and easy to listen to.  She is upbeat, enthusiastic and got us engaged."  International Association of Administrative Professionals - April 2009

"Helen provided an interactive presentation that was entertaining and educational. It was a great opportunity to build rapport between departments in a fun environment."
Western Canada Lottery Corporation - December 2008

"Helen was very effective at motivating the group.  Good balanced pace throughout the course.  Great information and learning."   Financial Functional Community – Government of Canada – June 2008

"Helen was very personable and paid attention to the different “levels” in the room.  She was very pleasant, very well organized, extremely knowledgeable, and a great facilitator." Canada School of Public Service (Essentials of Supervising Course) – June 2007

"Credible speaker with good examples.  Engaged the audience.  She was very clear and had humour as well." Canadian Institute of Management – March 2008

"She’s an excellent presenter.  Well prepared, energetic, good interactive activities." Manitoba Civil Service Commission - May 2006

"Our keynote speaker, Helen Dyrkacz did a fantastic job of getting the crowd talking and out of their seats.  Her discussion of leadership skills in the workplace provided great advice for all in attendance." Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of the Province of Manitoba – January 2006

"Your intro was great!  Session was very interactive, well put together and there was a comfortable atmosphere within the group." Community Futures Partners – November 2005

"Everyone appreciated and enjoyed the team work table exercises. It was a great opportunity for everyone to work "outside their comfort zones" in a safe environment and to have alot of fun." Manitoba Hydro – October 2005

"Helen delivered a dynamic presentation.  It was indeed an energizing start to our day!" Manitoba Motor Dealers Association – May 2005

"The session was very well prepared and provided us with great ideas.  An interesting, fun and interactive session." Portage & District Small Business Week – October 2004

"What makes Helen such an exceptional instructor and presenter is being able to communicate and educate people at all different levels of abilities and knowledge.  She can take the entire group to the next level and higher in their development, with everyone feeling part of the success.  I can say that I have greatly benefited from Helen, the growth has been exponential and sustained…and had fun doing it!" Kelly Morris – The Morris Financial Group – September 2004   

"Superb Instructor.  Totally awesome, entertaining, fun and informative.  With Helen’s coaching, my confidence has increased, I am better able to control stress, and my leadership skills have improved, as a result productivity and quality of work and morale has increased." Dale Carnegie – Graduating class of June 2004

"A major benefit to my organization is that I can solve critical bottleneck issues to increase production and have happier employees, who enjoy their job." Dale Carnegie – Graduating Class of November 2003

"My whole outlook on life has changed and it is refreshing to look forward each day.  I’ve become more focussed on long and short term goals.  I have the tools and skills to change things for the better." The Chamois Car Wash – May 2003

"Helen’s presentation skills were excellent.  Very positive and enthusiastic.  Energizing. very motivational." Heartland Community Futures Development Corporation – October 2002

"Fabulous…This course has changed many lives, mine included.  Helen was outstanding as a leader!  It was amazing!  I feel like I am operating at 110%!  I have learned to react and push myself to anything which I desire." Dale Carnegie Graduating Class of June 2000

"This has been the most exciting training  which has truly impacted my life.  It was a superb class with a great instructor that has a profound affect on me." Dale Carnegie Graduating Class of December 1998