Professional Facilitation Services 

Does your organization have a burning issue that needs to be resolved? Has this problem been around the office for awhile and requires resolution? Or is it a larger organizational issue that needs input and discussion from various levels?  

Team members want to do their best, but occasionally they get bogged down. This session will engage participants, break through barriers, save time, and result in concrete results.

The guided discussions can take place as a form of world café/conversation café or a facilitated discussion. When people are involved in the process, there is a higher level of commitment and buy in.

Professionally facilitated sessions provide:

  • Structure and techniques to stay on topic
  • Unique methods to build trust
  • High level participant engagement and involvement
  • A positive environment in which participants openly share their thoughts and ideas
  • An atmosphere of collaboration amongst team members
  • An environment to obtain constructive comments
  • A resultant action plan with assigned responsibilities and accountability process.


"Helen was an amazing facilitator for our Church Renewal and Growth initiative. She was fun, efficient AND effective at engaging all participants in brainstorming ideas for a 'successful Sunday experience'. Several new and creative ideas were identified through this process, resulting in a dynamic strategy for our Church renewal."

Shawnda Muir, Parish Council Chair, Mary, Mother of the Church