Keynote Presentations

The Resiliency Factor - How to Bounce Back When Life Hands You Lemons

How do people bounce back and be productive after a life changing event?  A major work reassignment, endless organizational change, loss of a loved one, financial issues, serious health scares, or loss of a job can place a heavy burden on our lives.  Most people react with strong emotions and a feeling of insecurity.

But somehow, most people can adapt to life changing situations and stressful conditions.  What enables this to happen?  It requires time and effort and some strategies to develop resiliency and cope with the hardships.  This keynote focusses on developing personal strategies to enhance resiliency.


The People Side of Leadership

 Do you get the responses you expect when dealing with others? Do you carefully plan your interaction while leading?

This presentation is about the human side of leadership and how a leader, manager or peer can become a catalyst in an organization to make a difference.

Participants will learn how to focus on 3 areas to strengthen their leadership capacity.

  • Develop and strengthen connections and working relationships to increase productivity and positively impact the bottom line.
  • Establish clear and specific strategies when dealing with different generations to recognize preferences and unique work styles which contribute to a high performing team.
  • Obtain more enthusiastic co-operation to lead people through positive thinking and  sincere appreciation.

This presentation also includes interactive exercises.


How to Keep Your Energy and Attitude on "High"

How high is your energy level? Is it directed towards specific action oriented results?  

This enthusiastic and entertaining keynote provides audience members with practical ideas to create and maintain the right kind of attitude to achieve greater results and save time. This fun, interactive presentation focuses on how to adopt new behaviors, develop new habits and increase productivity..  

Learn how to:

  • Create and maintain the right kind of attitude to achieve greater results with less resources.
  • Use your secret to success to put more energy into your life
  • Implement 3 tips for the right attitude in the right situation
  • Challenge the comfort zone – before it challenges you
  • Find ways to increase your personal, family and co-workers' energy level
  • Adopt new behaviour, develop new habits and achieve new results


"Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it." By Lou Holtz