Keynote Presentations

Leadership in Government

What does it take to be a leader in Government these days?  Significant changes presents challenges.  Public servants need to come up with new and innovative approaches to pivot to the new environment in order to adapt, lead and connect with others.

Participants will explore the environment that is impacting on leadership, identify 6 principles to shape and facilitate leadership, and apply leadership concepts and practices in their work environment, even if they are not in a leadership role.


The Resiliency Factor - How to Bounce Back When Life Hands You Lemons

How do people bounce back and be productive after a life changing event?  A major work reassignment, endless organizational change, loss of a loved one, financial issues, serious health scares, or loss of a job can place a heavy burden on our lives.  Most people react with strong emotions and a feeling of insecurity.

But somehow, most people can adapt to life changing situations and stressful conditions.  What enables this to happen?  It requires time and effort and some strategies to develop resiliency and cope with the hardships.  This keynote focusses on developing personal strategies to enhance resiliency.

Keynotes are available in virtual or face to face presentation formats.