Poinsettias & Egg Rolls

Marissa was the hardest working and friendliest custodian.  She had a big smile and gave carefully crafted comments to everyone in the Engineering office, as she dusted their desks, vacuumed their floors and took out their litter.  One day, the staff wanted to recognize Marissa and decided to show their appreciation during the holiday session. They took up a collection and purchased some gifts.

When the poinsettia and restaurant card gifts were presented to Marissa, she was totally overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of the staff.  In tears, she said that she could not afford to eat out on her meagre salary and that no other custodians were ever recognized for their work on the 4th floor (and probably the rest of the entire 6,000 people complex.)  She could not believe what had happened!

On the next day, the employees of the Engineering office were pleasantly surprised by the delicious aroma of Chinese food.  Marissa has spent several hours in her tiny kitchen and made over 100 eggs rolls, accompanied by a delicious feast of Asian food as a thank you.

Now, doesn't this warm up your heart?

The holiday season is not just about gifts, it is about the display of true generosity of spirit, celebration, understanding and peace.

Happy Holidays and all the best for 2017!

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