7 Tips to Become More Productive From Scheduling

You know that you have a busy day coming up.  Your time needs to be scheduled, in order to get everything done and still have some time for the unplanned urgent requests and interruptions.

These are 7 scheduling tips on how to get become more productive and get more done:

  1. Use a tool to help you keep organized such as a diary, calendar, paper-based organizer, or integrated software suites like MS Outlook. The specific tool will depend on your on your situation, preferences and budget.
  2. Enter data with ease.  Identify the time that you have available for your work.  This will depend on the design of your job and personal goals in life.
  3. Block time for the priority tasks that you absolutely must complete. These tasks will often be your performance objectives.  If you are a manager, allow time for training, coaching and supervising your staff.  Allow ample time to communicate with your Manager and peers. 
  4. Review your To Do List, and schedule the high-priority urgent activities, as well as the essential tasks that cannot be delegated or avoided.  Consider important deadlines and if someone is waiting for your task completion, then book the time. 
  5. Block in contingency time. Normally, the more unpredictable your job, the more contingency time you need. The reality of most of our working environments is constant interruption.  We don’t know when the interruptions will happen, but if we leave space in the schedule, we will have the time to deal with problems when they arise and it will not through us off schedule.
  6. Set aside discretionary time for additional last minute high priority items.
  7. Allow time for planning, creativity and social time, after the important items are scheduled.

By scheduling your day with purpose, it helps you to make better quality decisions and increase your productivity over the time.  It gives you a sense of control and reduces stress.  Scheduling will only take about 10 to 15 minutes each day, but is well worth the time and effort at the end of the day, as we successfully check off all of the priority items and say “done”.


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