More Ways to Get Work Done and Save Time

More Ways to Get Work Done and Save Time

We know what needs to be done; however, we don’t accomplish what we set out to do. 

Perhaps we need to be more focused with organized systems to complete our tasks in a more efficient manner.

Here are five ways to get more work done and save time:

1.  Implement morning huddle meetings.  While standing, each staff member shares their objectives for the day and if they have any challenges.  At this time, they will also commit themselves to one important task.  This process ensures accountability from other team members as well as support.

2.  Avoid the perfectionist tendency.  Perfectionists believe that everything in their world needs to be perfect, such as the perfect e-mail, the perfect meeting agenda, and the perfect PowerPoint presentation.  Instead, accept that everyone’s idea of perfection is different and we cannot satisfy everyone.  Instead, set a deadline for a task, do the task, review your work, and when the time is up, send the work out.

3.  Less social media and more work focus. If we spend 20 minutes a day during our workday on social media, this adds up to 100 minutes a week or 5000 minutes a year.  Instead, concentrate your energy on a single task until your work is complete.  By applying this strategy, you will be surprised with your results.  Remember, it is not about the number of tasks that you begin... it is the number that you finish that counts.

4.  Let’s not procrastinate.  People procrastinate because they are overwhelmed by the task, they don’t know how to do the task, they don’t want to do the work, and/or they don’t know where to begin.  Instead, make the task a priority, set a deadline, strategize how to do the work, take the first step, and keep working on the task until you are done. Don’t forget to celebrate the end result.

5.  E-Mail seems to be our default work location.  Open your e-mail account four or five times a day. For each message, we have the following choices: do it (if we can action it in 2 minutes or less); defer it; file it; or delegate it.

When we implement these ideas, we will free up time and achieve greater results by the end of the day.

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