Training the Trainer - The Trainer's Inside Edge

Learn the inside edge to facilitating professional training and learning events in one day.

Based on the book, the Trainer’s Inside Edge: What You Need to Know About Training Workshops, this program is designed to provide occasional trainers, presenters and learning advisors with the knowledge, skills and abilities to effectively present subject matter in which they have expertise. Participants will be able to plan, prepare and deliver a training workshop.  

Upon completion of the program, participants will be able to:

  • describe the principles of adult education
  • appreciate and engage different learning styles
  • perform a needs assessment
  • set training objectives
  • establish learning outcomes
  • organize material
  • develop a training plan
  • manage challenging participant behaviors
  • reduce nervousness and increase confidence
  • maximize participant energy and add fun to training!

This program will be interactive and centred on the learner. Participants will be able to explain how to complete a task and demonstrate an idea. They will be able to provide feedback in an objective, sensitive way.

Learners will be involved in a variety of training methodologies, individual exercises, lecture and group discussions, and be given tools to prepare for their training sessions.

Participants will receive a FREE copy of the Trainer’s Inside Edge for reference valued at $30.


"I am more confident as a trainer and have a variety of tools and techiques to implement.  Watching other trainers present will strengthen my skills and abiliities, but there was a massive side benefit as we learned about the various functions of the organization snd how we work together as a team."  Worker's Compensation Board - January 2023

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