The Art of Communication - Do You Hear What I Am Not Saying?

Surveys have shown that up to 80% of communication by humans is misunderstood to some extent. This presentation will demonstrate more effective skills to improve the quality of communication and better connect with others.  Participants will strength their communication skills to save time and increase production. 

By the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and value the importance of good communication
  • Communicate to lead others  
  • Increase their level of listening in 6 ways
  • Identify 7 communication barriers and 7 enhancements
  • Read, interpret and respond appropriately to body language
  • Apply an agree to disagree tool without causing offence or resentment
  • Express opinions in an evidence based manner
  • Implement a personal communications action plan


"This was my first online interactive course and it was amazing.  I will definitely recommend it to my colleagues.  The breaks were appropriately spaced, and the interactive portions definitely helped make the course feel more personable. I found it very beneficial. Best take away that I will tell other people is “When morale is high, stress is low” which equals happy people and workplace."  MTEC - June 2021 

"Helen is clearly very experienced in communications and very much up-to-speed on current communication standards and best practices."  Prov of Manitoba - February 2021

"It was perfect.  I love the facilitator.  She was engaging and extremely knowledgeable.  Helen did a wonderful job in hitting all the key points on how to practice the art of communication across cultures.  Loved how interactive it was with a very knowledgeable facilitator.  It was different than expected – but amazing!"  MTEC - May 2020

"As a result of this workshop I will be more efficient at completing my tasks and helping others complete their work.  The communication ideas will save the company time and  money and make us more reliable and efficient as a team."  MTEC - April 2019

"As a Manager, I will be better able to communicate with my staff.  Happy, valued staff = productive staff."  MTEC - November 2018


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