Demonstrate Your Brilliance 101 - How to Make An Effective Presentation

It seemed like a good idea at the time. You agreed to give a presentation. The day is fast approaching and you are starting to feel anxious. Now what? Participants will learn quick and easy ways to develop and deliver memorable presentations. 

This workshop will focus on 7 different areas and includes an opportunity to make a mini presentation.  The topics include:

  1. Preparing for the audience
  2. Organizing the presentation
  3. Delivering the presentation
  4. Practicing impromptu talks
  5. Using visual aids and equipment ie: Power point, flipcharts, whiteboards
  6. Facilitating group discussions
  7. Dealing with challenging situations - Non-responsive audiences or "macho" people

This seminar also includes several handouts such as a Presentation Preparation Check List, Tips and Traps for Presenters, and How to Introduce and Thank Speakers.

"This course is very organized and engaging..  Loved the interaction with many opportunities to watch presentation styles.  Most valuable ideas were how to plan and prepare for presentations, the use of hooks and grabbers to capture and maintain the interest of the audience, and techniques to control nervousness."  Keewatin Tribal Council - Jordan's Principle - November 2023

"An excellent course, well presented.  Helen knows her stuff, as she delivers the message effectively using successful delivery mechanisms.  I feel more confident in delivering presentations.  Very engaging and knowledge based.  This course will help in my career growth and increase visibility in the organization."  Province of Manitoba - January 2020

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