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9 Tips To Motivate Staff When The Going Gets Tough

Develop Your Motivational Skills

In some organizations, April can be a difficult time of the year. The Easter break has passed and it is a few months before summer vacations begins. Staff are working hard to meet deadlines and can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. But in the process, they are getting stressed, worn out and just plain cranky. So, how managers create the right kind of environment to motivate and keep them motivated?

There are two types of motivation; extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic motivation is when someone else tries to make you do something. These actions do not work in the long term and staff will leave an organization. Intrinsic motivation if when you want to do something. The motivation comes from within.

9 tips to create the right environment that enhances intrinsic motivation:

  1. The Future - Find out the interests of your employees. What are their career aspirations? What motivates them? Where do they see themselves 5 years from now? This will help them focus on their career, seek out meaningful work, and help managers point them in the right direction.
  2. Choices – Give employees choices, such as their hours of work and conditions.
  3. The Work – I worked on projects for many years. At the beginning of each year, our team brainstormed and planned the upcoming projects, based on the goals, objectives and priorities of our organization. Then each team member selected the projects they wanted to work on and its timing.  Employees appreciated the ability to work on areas of interest, within the broader mandate of the organization.
  4. Challenge – Work needs to stimulate their intellect. Employees wants to learn and have daily successes. Goals need to be tough but attainable.
  5. Interpersonal relationships – Development of good working relationships with the boss and other co-workers makes the work place an enjoyable place to be.
  6. Work life balance – Employees need to have a balance between their personal and professional lives and feel that they have a sense of control over how much time they spend in each area.
  7. Trust – When employees trust each other and their managers, work becomes easier. Employees do not have to watch their back, because they know that others will look out for them and they will do the same.
  8. Thank you – Show appreciation and recognition for a job well done.
  9. Create a happy, positive working environment where employees can self motivate and have fun doing it!

Be using these 9 tips, employee engagement, retention and motivation will be enhanced.

We would love to have your feedback! Tell us what you have done and the positive results that were achieved!!



9 "Free" Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Team

Develop Your Management Skills Through Appreciation

People will work for money, but will go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to praise and recognition.

Your management skills are telling you that you would never dream of letting your employees go without a computer or workstation for one day, and certainly not more than one week – but when was the last time that you provided a positive comment to one of your employees or peers? Was it within the last day, last week, or last year? If you gave a recent compliment – that’s wonderful!  Is it something that you do on a regular basis? If this is part of your regular mantra – good for you! Many of us can take lessons from you.

Positive recognition increases motivation, productivity and teamwork. It boosts job satisfaction and personal self worth.

Many Managers would agree that praise and recognition are important, but the problem is that it is too costly. Not true! There are many ways of thanking folks that do not cost anything – other than their time to recognize the good work that others have done.

I am not talking about flattery – but honest, sincere appreciation. Flattery is meant for personal gain and is only words.  Real appreciation comes from the heart and the sender truly means what he or she is saying.

How do you show honest, sincere, genuine appreciation? Tell the other person what you admire about them, the reason why and back it up with a situation when this quality was demonstrated.

Develop your Management Skills - 9 "Free" Ways of Showing Appreciation.

1. Say "thank you" and shake their hand
2. Send an e-mail with an expression of appreciation
3. Post an article in the company newsletter
4. Send a thank you card
5. Host a special celebration or party

  • Happy New Year (When old year in finance is completed!)
  • Potluck meal or coffee and donuts
  • Special theme – Holiday Celebrations

6. Flexible work week or work from home
7. Plum" assignment on a working group or team
8. Special award such as the "top banana", "golden apple" or "employee of the week ... month"
9. Family event such as sleigh ride in the winter or picnic in the summer

Please consider how the event or item will be presented, either in public or private. Managers, you know your employees the best, and what is most suitable.

Now sometimes the other person might be embarrassed by the compliment. (They might not be accustomed to receiving compliments or just shy.) All they need to say is "thank you."

As a management training expert, we did an exercise in which everyone gave a verbal and written compliment to others in their group. Ten years later, class members say that they still have compliment cards in their brief case or desk drawer. Some days, when they are having a difficult time, or their level of confidence needs a boast, they look at the cards and receive an injection of appreciation. These words are worth their weight in gold!


We would love to have your feedback! Tell us what you have done and the positive results that were achieved!!


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