I Am So Stressed ... I Need A Vacation

An estimated $150 billion is the annual cost to businesses due to job stress. Physicians indicate that 75% to 90% of their patient visits are illnesses due to worry. Stress related disorders are a major cause of rapidly increasing health care cost.

What is your approach to handling stress?  How do you manage it, before it manages you?

In today’s challenging times of doing more with less and constant deadlines, it can be difficult to get our tasks accomplished. Helen speaks on what it takes to "make it happen" and how to deal with stress and worry along the way.

This session provides ideas and useful tips on how to break the worry habit, before it breaks us.

In this interactive workshop you will learn how to:

  • Recognize stress and its impact on you
  • Maximize positive stress and minimize negative stress  
  • Use stress "triggers" to your advantage
  • Effectively control and manage stress in 7 ways 
  • Discover foods that will give you more energy  
  • Practice relaxation techniques that will make feel you refreshed
  • ​Learn about exercises that will melt the inches away
  • Develop a personal action plan


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